# 1 Lil' Ben- Don’t be deceived by his goofy-toothed smile. This stallion is the muckety-muck of the farm, and when it comes to morals, he won’t sway! 

# 4 Annie

# 2 Rooty Le' Boar- Rooty resides in the forest alongside Muckapoo Farm. He’s a dashing swine in a leather vest. But he has one little flaw: when he has a bout of tummy rumbles and he’s hungry and thirsty, he becomes a bully! 

# 9 Diggy

# 6 Harley the Bloodhound: Harley is always one sniff ahead of the girls when it comes to tracking down trouble, with his state of the art sniffer.

# 1 Lil' Ben.

# 9 Diggy the Mole: Bashful, favorite game - hide and go seek.

# 5 B

Get to Know Us

# 8 Grungy Groundhogs Brothers: Scatterbrains, with a bad case of fleas.

Other works: Interactive Book patent's: from Mary Ann Cogliano

# 5 B - Annie's cousin. Witty, strong- willed, and intelligent. She’s very fashionable with her pointy pigtails and pink boots. B is self-confident and very brave!

Main Characters 

Featured Author/ Inventor:  Mary Ann D Cogliano lives in beautiful Northern California where she operates Dreamations llc. a patent holding company for preschool educational products. Mary Ann's passion for design has landed her back in school and studying design. She also has a great love of animals and operates a small  horse sanctuary. She is currently focused on writing her third story for the Muckapoo Farm series. Watch out for the third book, which will be released soon!

# 7 Wooly Sheep

# 8 Grundgy Groundhogs Brothers

Featured llustrator: Phil Wilson is an award- winning Pittsburg based illustrator with over 47 years of professional experience in animation and illustration fields. He has illustrated 84 children's books, garnered numerous awards in film & illustration work, and has been inducted into two halls of fame.

​​​# 2 Rooty Le' Boar

# 3 Pesky Hornet: Little Miss Know-it-all is Ben’s confidant and trusty advisor.

# 7 Wooly Sheep: Sleepy heads, favorite food dandelions.

# 3 Peskey Hornet

# 4 Annie- B's cousin. . She’s a master of dress-up and pretend play with the curious habit of snooping!   

Supporting Characters

Featured Editor: Marlo Garnsworthy is a children's book editor with book editing associates, Author and illustrator from Melboume Australia, who now lives in Rhode Island, where she also teaches at the Rhode Island school of Design. A former wildlife artist, she is most inspired by nature, and when she is not creating books -  or helping others create theirs- she is likely to be hiking a trail, wondering the beach, or paddling in her kayak- camera and sketchbook close in hand. 

​​​# 6 Harley

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